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Engraved wedding guest books, personalized signature mat & frame

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Orders require 5 days processing prior to shipment

Search for a unique guest book alternative. Full selection of pewter trays and platter, engraving scribes and pen, signature frames.

Q: Is it difficult to use the pen?
A: No. Use the pen just as you would a normal ball point ink pen.  Only normal pressure is required.  It is quite easy to use and guests will find that they are able to sign in the same quality as they would normally with an ink pen.  Our pens are not mechanical and have a specially designed tip that inscribes into the metal when writing.  There is no sound made from the pen when engraving.  The pen will last through the signing and does not easily wear out. Watch a video of the mat being signed.

Q: Will the signatures rub off?
A: No, once signed the signatures of your guests are permanent and will never fade.

Q: What sizes do the Signature Mats come in?
A: Our standard sizes are 8x8, 11x14, 16x20, 18x20, 20x24 

Q: Can the Engravable Signature Mat be engraved?
A: Yes, we designed the signature mat to accept laser and diamond-drag engraving.

Q: Where can I purchase an Engravable Signature Mat?
A: The Signature Mats are available
through our official distributors

Q: How do I become a retailer of this product?
A: Please complete our short application and fax it directly to us. We only sell to qualified retailers

Q: Who invented the Engravable Signature Mat?
A: The founders of Signature Keepsakes invented the metal mat board and Signature Engraving Scribe.  The Engravable Signature Mat is patent pending.  Our product is proudly Made In the USA!


Mat Kits Notice

Effective 12.31.10 Signature Keepsake's Engravable Signature Mat kits for wholesale will no longer be available for purchase. 

Aside from our existing collection of framed versions of the Engravable Signature Mat we are adding a new Retail Friendly Box that comes with 2 scribes and a proven moulding. This new item will allow you to stock the product and sell it right off your floor without having to wait for a drop ship. The product comes with an engravable plate that the customer can get personalized at any engraving facility worldwide. The full color retail box is not only highly appealing to customers visually but it contains a wealth of information on the box that helps sell the customer while they browse your shops.

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